Unix support


Our experienced team of Unix professionals handles a variety of projects, large and small - from networks with 200 or more machines to individual workstations. Whether you need a robust server architecture for critical applications or support for scientific and research computing, we can provide it for you.

The primary platform we currently support is Linux (preferrably CentOS, RedHat, or Ubuntu), with some support available for Mac OS X and Solaris.

Listed below are typical services that we provide.

We manage and operate numerous Unix-based servers, which provide web and mail services, file sharing, MySQL database services, and NIS/LDAP domains.
Research computing
We manage Unix installations for research groups, ranging from single workstations up to complex networks. We have experience managing installations of most of the popular scientific software packages for mathematics, physics, astronomy, and biology.
We provide support for scientific computing, including computational clusters. We have experience with the Rocks cluster-management software and Panasas clustered storage, as well as with ad-hoc clustering.
We can help you with your individual Unix workstation, or with a large network of managed workstations.
Updater: Tom Holub. Last reviewed: October 01, 2012