Server support


Our Macintosh and Windows server teams are experienced with providing a wide variety of services.

Unix server management
Our experienced team of Unix professionals handles a variety of projects, large and small—from networks with 200 or more machines to individual workstations. Whether you need a robust server architecture for critical applications or support for scientific and research computing, we can provide it for you.
Workgroup server management
We can manage your department's workgroup server, whether it is a Mac OS X or Windows machine. We have a large enough organization that we can provide expertise in all areas of server managment, as well as continuity and extended coverage for your critical services.
Active Directory management
We can bring your Windows server and clients into the campus Active Directory "forest", providing increased security and allowing you to access resources using your CalNet ID login and passphrase.
File sharing
Our file servers help administrative staff workers share documents with their co-workers, increasing reliability and reducing the confusion and security problems caused by attaching documents back and forth through email.
Updater: Tom Holub. Last reviewed: October 01, 2012