New Director Expected February – January 28, 2014

Brian Waechter has accepted the position of L&S Director of IT and will be joining the college on February 3.


Berkeley directory changes coming – October 17, 2013
iPhone IOS7 – October 9, 2013
bMail migration planning – January 16, 2013
CalTime logoff/login issues on Macs – November 5, 2012
bConnected rollout recommendations – October 30, 2012
Comprehensive Desktop Support plan implemented – August 28, 2012
bCal migration recommendations – July 18, 2012
Web hosting outage post-mortem – March 7, 2012

Failure analysis from the Dreamhost outage

New system for managing departmental Commencement ceremonies – January 24, 2012

University Relations is offering a new system for managing Commencement, at no cost to departments.  The L&S-developed system is no longer available.

Dreamhost password updates required – January 23, 2012

Passwords for all our web site managers will need to be reset.

Matlab and Mathematica licensing – January 9, 2012

The campus has purchased site licenses for Matlab and Mathematica, available to anyone who wants to use them.

LSCR recommends Windows 7 Professional for new campus PCs – May 18, 2011
LSCR recommends campus users hold off on upgrading to Windows 7 – February 12, 2010

Even though Windows 7 will provide advantages over Windows XP and Vista, Letters & Science Computing Resources recommends that departments hold off on upgrading to Windows 7 for the time being.

LSCR faculty support update: February 2009 – February 17, 2009

Changing your CalNet ID now required; how we can help you buy your next computer.

LSCR faculty support update: July 2008 – July 16, 2008

Obtaining service from LSCR support, University security software for your home machines, Leopard and Vista recommendations, beware "phishing" scams.

New "Phishing" Scam Targets Calmail Users – June 27, 2008

Another "phishing" scam is making the rounds, this time attempting to trick Calmail users into giving up their user names and passwords.

LSCR Faculty Support update: January 2008 – January 8, 2008
Tips for obtaining the most efficient service at the busy start of the semester, helping new faculty and lecturers set up, potential hazards of third-party ink and toner cartridges, L&S technology recommendations, migrating away from Eudora
LSCR Faculty Support update: December 2007 – December 1, 2007
Sorting out confusion over support for department chairs' machines, new models for support, issues with Windows Vista and Mac OS X "Leopard"
LSCR faculty support update: October 2007 – October 1, 2007
Who's who and what's what for LSCR Faculty Support, including access tips and hardware recommendations
LSCR faculty support update: October 2007 – October 1, 2007
Who's who and what's what for LSCR Faculty Support, including access tips and hardware recommendations
Campbell power outage may impact LSCR customers campus-wide – May 29, 2007
A June 16 planned power outage in Campbell Hall will affect LSCR web and file-sharing customers, as well as those who work in the building.
LSCR recommends holding off on upgrading to Windows Vista – March 26, 2007
Due to potential hardware conflicts and other anticipated bugs, LSCR recommends departments not deploy Microsoft's new Vista operating system until at least Fall '07.
New DST rules cause some CalAgenda problems – February 15, 2007
New rules governing Daylight Saving Time may mean some CalAgenda items created before December 29, 2006, are now one hour off.
Survey about computing in L&S – December 8, 2006

LSCR is undergoing a strategic planning process, and L&S is doing a customer survey to determine current needs and issues.

L&S bulk computer purchase program, Fall 2006 – November 28, 2006

For a limited time, L&S departments can purchase Dell computers in our recommended configuration at a negotiated discount.

Laptop battery recall expands – October 5, 2006
Dell, Apple Lenovo/IBM, and HP/Compaq have announced recalls of batteries that were shipped with some models of laptop computers because of a risk of overheating, possibly resulting in fire.
L&S bulk computer purchase program, September 2006 – September 19, 2006

For a limited time, L&S departments can purchase computers in our recommended configurations at a negotiated discount.

Web Modernization Program Changes for 2006-2007 – August 11, 2006
The L&S Website Modernization Program is changing to make funding available to approved applicants throughout the year.
Wifi vulnerabilities revealed – August 4, 2006
Vulnerabilities in wireless chip sets demonstrated at the 2006 Black Hat security conference mean all wireless users need to be vigilant in updating their machines with the latest patches. Here's how to get Intel's latest fix.
Security incident on L&S web server – July 25, 2006

A concerted effort by a group of hackers affected the L&S web server on July 25, along with a host of other servers worldwide.

Campus network changes may affect some home users – June 20, 2006
A configuration change to the campus domain name servers may affect some users who are connecting to the Internet from home using DSL or a cable modem.
Desktop support position open in LSCR – April 17, 2006
LSCR is seeking a talented and experienced desktop support person to join our group as a Programmer/Analyst II, providing desktop support for Windows and Mac clients in many different academic departments. The position will also be actively involved with Windows server administration.
The Arrival of Apple's Core Duo iMacs – February 7, 2006
Macs now have Intel Inside ... they're faster and inexpensive, but a few quirks and incompatabilities mean LSCR isn't able to fully enthusiastically recommend them just yet. If you're thinking about acquiring an Intel Mac, you'll want to discuss potential show-stoppers with your LSCR consultant first.
New security issue threatens all campus PCs – January 2, 2006
On December 30, 2005, a very serious Microsoft Windows vulnerability was discovered and made public to the computing world. Within hours, a hacker group made public a program to take advantage of this vulnerability. LSCR is organizing a response to the problem.
Website Modernization Program returns with more funds for 2005–06 – October 14, 2005
The Website Modernization Program, first initiated by the College of Letters & Science in 2004, is back for a second round and is now accepting applications to fund redesigns of L&S department websites.
Don't count on web survey tools to reach everyone – September 27, 2005
Popular commercial web survey tools in use on campus can present accessibility problems for some users, in violation of campus policy.
LSCR welcomes new staff – September 15, 2005
LSCR is pleased to welcome two new staff members this fall.
LSCR launches new website – August 15, 2005
Like many organizations on campus, LSCR allowed its web pages to get stale over the last few years. Starting in 2004, we undertook a large project to improve the design, modernize the implementation, and update the content.