About Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and 10.3 (Panther)


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Version 10.2, code-named Jaguar, was released on August 23, 2002. It was the first truly mature version of Mac OS X, and it was subsequently at this time that users seriously began the migration from Mac OS to Mac OS X. Mac OS, ending with 9.2.2, was dead, as it turned out that no more resources were to be dedicated to the development of this operating system. Mac OS X 10.2 was fast, had a pleasant user interface, and many so-called killer applications (key software packages ported from Mac OS) were available at this time.

The following product description seen at various sellers lists the main features in 10.2:

Referred to by its code name, Jaguar, Mac OS X 10.2 contains more than 150 new features and provides significant enhancements to its modern, Unix-based foundation. From AOL-compatible instant messaging to advanced junk mail filtering and a revolutionary Web search tool, Jaguar is as innovative as the computers that run it.

With iChat, the AOL-compatible instant messenger, you can chat with your AOL and Mac.com buddies through a fun, easy-to-use interface. Sherlock 3, the new Web search tool, delivers stock quotes, maps, restaurants, and more without a browser. QuickTime 6 supports MPEG-4, the new worldwide standard for playing and viewing pro-quality audio and video over the Internet. This new version also includes Rendezvous, a revolutionary networking technology that lets you link computers and devices instantly without any configuration.

Another cool new feature is Inkwell, which lets you write on a graphics tablet, and Jaguar turns your handwriting into typed text at the cursor in any application. And with new compatibility built into Mac OS X 10.2, sharing files, using Windows documents, and connecting to a Windows network have never been easier. And it easily runs Microsoft Office. For business users, Jaguar comes with Active Directory interoperability, and with a PPTP-based VPN (virtual private network) client that allows Mac users to connect remotely to Windows corporate networks.

Jaguar's complete suite of professional-quality developer tools now features GCC 3.1, which radically improves C++ build times and standards compliance. The updated Interface Builder makes it easier to group, lock, and drag Aqua controls between windows for rapid user-interface creation. And, perhaps best of all, these professional tools are still included with every copy of Jaguar, empowering Java, C, and AppleScript Studio developers to do their best work on the Macintosh platform.

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Version 10.3, code-named Panther, was released on October 25, 2003. Panther took Mac OS X a solid step farther than Jaguar by optimizing many operations under the hood and by offering many visible enhancements and features.

The following product description seen at various sellers lists the main features in 10.3:

Apple MAC OS X 10.3 Panther . Completely new. Uniquely Macintosh. Mac OS X is the world's most advanced operating system, blending the power and stability of UNIX with the legendary simplicity and ease-of-use of the Macintosh. Mac OS X Panther v10.3 contains over 150 new features and provides significant enhancements to its modern, UNIX-based foundation. Panther includes iChat AV for personal video conferencing, Exposé for instantly finding any window, and a new Finder for easy access to everything you need. It's like having an all-new Mac.

Finder. Everything you need, just a click away. With your favorite folders, hard drive, iDisk, servers, and removable media always located at the left of every Finder window, you can work smarter and faster. Color-coded labels make it easy to find and organize important files or folders.

iChat AV. Go face to face. Anyplace. Personal video conferencing has arrived. Use iChat AV for person-to-person conversations in high-quality, full-screen video over the Internet. Have voice chats with crystal-clear audio. All from anywhere in the world.

Exposé. Find the window you need. Now. Exposé gives you instant access to any open window with a single keystroke. Display all open windows as thumbnails, view windows of the current application, or hide all windows to quickly locate a file on your desktop.

FileVault. Safe, secure, and speedy. At home and away, keep your valuable documents safe with powerful AES-128 bit encryption. FileVault automatically encrypts and decrypts the contents of your home directory on the fly.

Fast User Switching. Share well with others. Share your Mac with other users quickly and painlessly. With one click, you can switch to your desktop with all documents and applications exactly as you left them. No need to log out from another user's account first.

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Panther System Preferences

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